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Individuals donating $10 USD or more using PayPal before start of DXpedition:

  • Convenience of automoatic uploads and QSL card.

  • Please use green form on Main Page to provide your call sign and mailing information for the QSL card.

  • From your PayPal account please donate to

  • A list of donors will be provided to M0URX, our QSL Manager.

  • There will be no full log uploads

  • See QSL Page for instructions after DXpedition starts

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
  • AF9W Bob Stephens

  • AC7DC Jay Lopes

  • W7EED Jim Carlson

  • K4KD Rowland Archer

  • W9EWZ Robert Urban

  • N6XG Walt Wilson

  • NQ4A Jon Bennett

  • W0GJ Glenn Johnson

  • K8GT Gerry Treas

  • WA4UT Michael McTaggert

  • W7HR Randy Stegemeyer

  • W1KDA Ronald Brodeur

  • RU3SD Vasily Bardin​​

  • AC7T Doug Payne

  • K7WA James Hadlock

Individual Sponsors

  • AB4SF Wray Dudley

  • N6PSE Paul Ewing

  • VE3NI Daniel Goodier

  • AD4K Steven Roth

  • K1CP Clif Power

  • K6ZY Alan Whitman

  • N7NR Dave Heumann

  • 5P1KZX Michael Moeller

  • OZ1KZX Michael Moeller

  • DM5EE Uli Ann

  • N7TY Bruce Thompson

  • W6RS Rich Stempien

  • K9FN David Bunte

  • NF6S Eric Norris

  • K6FG Mark Weiss

  • AB3CV James Miller

  • K1UO Larry Emery

  • N4SDM James Miller

  • W3KX Jack Ference

  • W8KEN Kenneth Kontor

  • W7ZJ Thomas McNabb

  • W8HAP Rob Collins

  • K7TM Bob Hallock

  • W6FL Howard Elovitz

  • W2LO Michael Mattes

  • KC3D Howard Rensin

  • DJ8NK Christian Harders

  • N7GCO Mel Ming

  • N4II Ed Callaway

  • ​N7UVH Pat Murphy

  • K5DXR Mark Sutherland

  • W7GSV Bob Rosie

  • K7STO Mike Buettner

Corporate Sponsors/Partners

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